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Great Food

Paying homage to the route 66 heritage of Harden’s, the Tulsa store boasts a large sampling of signs and other decor from the heartland. Come on in; you’ve had the rest, now have the best!

Old Fashioned Hamburgers

The old fashion hamburger is still cooked the same with mustard, pickle and raw onions. Special Hardens seasoning is added to continue the traditional Johney’s hamburger.

Combo Meals

which include a small drink and fries.

#1. Girls Quarter lbs. $5.99
#2. Mens Double Cheeseburger $7.99
#3. Bacon Quarter lbs. $6.99
#4. Mens Double Bacon $8.99
#5. Chili Quarter lbs. $7.65
#6. Chicken Sandwich $6.99
#7. Chili Cheese Dog $5.99

Your Favorite Drinks!

Diet Pepsi
Dr Pepper
Mt Dew
Orange Crush
Diet Coke
Root Beer
Cream Soda
Sweet Tea
Unsweet Tea

Draft Beer:
Michelob Ultra
Shock Top

Bottled Beer:
Budweiser (20 oz Aluminum can)
Budlight (20 oz Aluminum can)

Meaty Homemade Chili

Preparation is the rule when it comes to Harden’s hamburgers. Try some of our hearty homemade chili on a burger, in a bowl, a quart, or in a meaty Frito chili pie!

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Yes, We accept all major cards to include Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.
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